Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Guess I Do Still Post, After all...

Sorry to all my faithful readers! 


     Okay, maybe not. Regardless, apologies to whoever may read. I've recently been through a whirlwind of life-complicating events that involved a lot of me not posting on my blog- also, laziness doesn't help. 
     On a personal note, I am happy to mention I will be getting married on Oct. 9th to an especially morbid, creative, sometimes brilliant girl. 

     To get back in the grind, let me briefly touch on some past topics. 

     The Old


     Halo: Reach

     Assuming that there were people that agreed with what I said regarding Reach's worrisome grapple/melee scheme, fear not. To be honest, I feel like a fool for questioning Bungie's design prowess. Reach is Bungie's magnum opus- Not only has the combat been fine-tuned, but the game itself is beginning to look and feel like what it has been touted to be- the last great Halo game. Everything that you loved about Halo has been painstakingly shined and polished to perfection, when unique new concepts aren't being ladled out with a 5-gallon bucket. The inclusion of the kick-butt magnum pistol is a testament to Bungie's open ear to their fanbase. Forgeworld was a brave, awe-inspiring move by Bungie- a massive level that dwarfs everything you've played through online in Halo before. Even better is Forge 2- the creation aspect of Halo is becoming less limited with every installment. However, Bungie has mastered the art of working smarter as well as harder, and this is evidenced by the editing options included in Forge 2. Such options as phasing- so the objects you edit can be fused with the environment, terrain editing (I'm totally making a Hello Kitty stone fortress, just because I can), and even some new physics toys (Who's game for a little arbitrary gravity?). All in all, mid-September just can't come fast enough.

      The New
Subzero decided it was better to let baby Reptile feed himself after he acid vomited all over his armor. 
     MORTAL KOM-waaaaaiiit a minnit...

     I have to confess- I freaking LOVED Mortal Kombat, even as a kid. Actually, especially as a kid. I mean, what boy doesn't love gratuitous blood and gore packed in a game with ninjas, thunder gods, robots, and lizard men? 
     Only the effeminate variety, and their gender is in question. Gamescom, E3, and PAX have all said the same thing to me: Mortal Kombat is back, and Ed Boon is finally through playing silly games. Maybe I could've reworded that better, since the majority of this blog is about silly games, but... I digress. In other words, no more torture experiments to put MK through- the series is going back to its roots in spectacular, gloriously detailed form. Here's a few things we know about the newest incarnation of the MK franchise:
     -The game is going to be a 2D fighter. Obviously the environments will remain 3D. This allows not only for  a nostalgic, streamlined game, but it frees up space for more detail in the enviroments. Seriously, go check out a video for MK if you haven't- it looks hotter than habanero peppers.
     -The game is set to release later this year.
     -There is a renewed emphasis on gore. Watching the characters become beaten and bruised was impressive. There's even a x-ray slo-mo so you can watch bones crack in high-def. Awesome.