Thursday, January 20, 2011

Because Cleaning Up Squished Diapers Off The Cement Is Not Anyone's Favorite Pastime.

    Over the past year, in between my frantic search for a stable income and the bustle once I ad found that income, I have been working towards a hopeful future in video game development. FatHat Games has just released the PC version of Baby Savers, a game initially released for Android phones back in September of last year. Go to and try to beat TheSugarRay's current high score of 4,056. That's just pure insanity.
     If you haven't heard of Baby Savers, it is an arcade-style game in which you control firemen holding a trampoline- and your goal is to save as many babies as possible as they fall out of a burning building. While that pretty much summed up the entirety of the gameplay for the Android 1.1 version, We are spicing things up a tad with the PC version. Watch out for the debris that will catch your trampoline on fire. We've also included music tracks ( and there are more on the way) and a day/night cycle.
     ...Are you waiting to hear me blather more? GO PLAY!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sparkly Retro Magic


      Between working a shift at my job that cuts out the center of my day like the hole in a donut and spending time with my lovely wife, I don’t play video games as much as I would like. However, seeing as how I am a compulsive, near-obsessive over such things, perhaps that’s for the better. That being said, I have had a little time to shovel into my thick retro video game past, thanks to a sinus infection that has rendered me unable to walk several feet without losing my breath.



No, actually, I’m not talking about Sean Connery- although, while I’m talking about him- that man knows how to age. *ahem* ANYway, I’m referring to many titles from a few generations earlier in this little medium we call video games. These are games that, like Sean Connery, only get better with age. Allow me to enlighten you.


images (1)


     This picture just made a paragraph title superfluous.

Here’s some things you need to know about Mega Man 2:

- Mega Man 2 debuted on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) on December 24th of 1988 in Japan, and was released in mid-1989 in North America.

- This game was the first well-received installment of the Mega Man series. The original did not fare well in sales- as to why, I have no idea. I mean, robots were the SHIZ in the 80’s. *ahem* actually, the first game was incredibly difficult. Mega Man 2 expanded on the gameplay, giving you more weapons, better graphics, and easier levels( for all of you PANSIES).

-Mega Man 2 contains some of the most memorable video game themes of it’s generation.

    Mega Man 2 Intro

    Dr. Wily's Castle

    Heat Man


     This game continues to impress with its simple, smooth, challenging gameplay, inspiring music, and colorful art design.


*gasps profusely* I really need to stop getting up for food. I’ll be touching on more classic games later. Smile