Thursday, January 20, 2011

Because Cleaning Up Squished Diapers Off The Cement Is Not Anyone's Favorite Pastime.

    Over the past year, in between my frantic search for a stable income and the bustle once I ad found that income, I have been working towards a hopeful future in video game development. FatHat Games has just released the PC version of Baby Savers, a game initially released for Android phones back in September of last year. Go to and try to beat TheSugarRay's current high score of 4,056. That's just pure insanity.
     If you haven't heard of Baby Savers, it is an arcade-style game in which you control firemen holding a trampoline- and your goal is to save as many babies as possible as they fall out of a burning building. While that pretty much summed up the entirety of the gameplay for the Android 1.1 version, We are spicing things up a tad with the PC version. Watch out for the debris that will catch your trampoline on fire. We've also included music tracks ( and there are more on the way) and a day/night cycle.
     ...Are you waiting to hear me blather more? GO PLAY!

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  1. I can't believe TheSugarRay got that score. He totally cheated (lol). I can only get to wave 10 - if I'm lucky!